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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We are just having a busy busy month!

We got to see Mom and Dad Henry on Sunday. At first the boys were shy, but they warmed up pretty quickly. Xander even gave out hugs when it was time to go.

The big news from yesterday is that we bought a minivan. I'm pretty surprised! We've been thinking of selling our Jeep. It had 133,000 miles on it and little things were starting to go wrong and we still owed quite a bit on it (although not more than it was worth). So, we were getting anxious to get rid of it, plus with 3 kids, there just wasn't going to be enough room. Soooo, we were going to go see a movie yesterday, and dropped the kids off at Grandma's. Then we decided to just hang out together. On the way to Barnes and Noble, we decided to stop and look at mini-vans. Well, one thing led to another of course, and now we have a new van! We got a great deal on it and it's an '05 Grand Caravan with less than 30,000 miles on it. It's soooo pretty. I will miss the jeep, but at the same time, it's a huge weight off my mind. The payments will be about $100 more a month, but with what we save on gas and insurance, we'll almost make that up.

Here's the new van and the June 6 layout!
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  1. YAY Kara, we had a Grand Caravan before we moved to ID, it was our second car given to us by my folks, but we could not bring it up with us so we gave it to my aunt and now just have the Ford Explorer. Dustin wants to maybe trade it in for this suburban we found (there are two, a 1999 for $160 a month or a 1993 for $150 a month) we will need another car once we have our third and suburbans are nice and big and safe lol, but Dustin has also talked about maybe getting another van, so who knows.

    Congrats on the new van :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Kara, how funny! I guess with 3 kids, you just have to, huh! That's so funny that you just "stopped" by to see them. Those digital layouts are so cool!!!

  3. Yeah yeah we just stopped to look at minivans once too - and now we have one ;)

    You kind of *need* one with 3 kids - and I LOVE mine. I absolutly love my minivan and I am so glad I have it. I think you will love yours too :)


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