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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some new mommy thoughts

I'd forgotten exactly what it was like to have a newborn. I think I"m enjoying it a lot more than I did with Xander and Maxton. With Xander, I just wanted him to get older so we could interact more and with Maxton, I think I was just too busy with Xander just being over a year old to really enjoy him. Griffin though I'm just trying to enjoy every moment and take it easy. David is being so sweet with him too. We've never had the boys sleep with us, because it bothers David too much (actually a Queen is a little small for even just the two of us), but the first night Griffin was home, David actually went and got him and slept with him on his side, something that has never happened before! He said it just seemed sad for him to spent his first night in the hall in his bassinet. The second night, he set up the bassinet in our room. I love to see him so tender.

Griffin is just a sweet little guy; so easy going, just like our other two. I was expecting a hard baby, since the first two were amazingly good, but Griffin is just the same. We've hardly ever heard him cry, although diaper changes make him really mad. He really looks more like my side of the family than the other boys do. I think he has my dad's nose and he has a cleft in his chin just like his grandma. He reminds me of my brothers when they were little, although touches of David come through too, those eyebrows are not mine! LOL.

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Ack! I'm so outnumbered by all these males!!

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Trying to open his eyes, but the sun's just too bright.
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