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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Ug, what a Halloween we had. First off, Xander and Maxton had doctor's appointments yesterday morning. Not such a good idea on Halloween, but when David made the appointment neither he or I thought about it. The poor little guys were so sad to get their shots and then cranky the rest of the day. I had to laugh at Xander a little. I had Maxton get his "pokies" first, which probably wasn't too smart. By the end of Maxton shots, Xander was crying and saying, "No pokies. Ouch. No pokies!" Poor little thing. I felt so bad for him that we had to do his shots anyway.

Well, after the doctor's, we rushed home to make pumpkin strudel for a work party of David's. He really wanted to bring it hot, which would have been fine except that it added greatly to my stress! I had to grab cinnamon from my mom's house, because we were all out. Okay, got the cinnamon, ran home, stuck Max in bed, added the cinnamon to the batter and cooked it up. While it was cooking, I made cards for Paper Trends. Three cards down (two more left to still do) and pumpkin strudel cooked. I woke up Max, stuck the boys in their Halloween costumes, with Xander screaming the whole time that he didn't want his on. Well, I knew once we were on his way, he'd be okay with it. So, we went to David's work party, since I had to deliver the strudel anyway, and we had a little lunch there. Then I dropped the boys off at Grandma's so I could finish the last two cards.

Then I realize that David is late and I'm not going to make it to class on time. He was going to pick up the boys at Grandma's, so he didn't realize that I had Griffin and that he still needed to leave early. So, at this point, my throat is starting to hurt, and I'm exhausted, and I think, "It's Halloween, forget class." So, David and I head over to Grandma's to pick up Xander and Maxton. I grab the stuff I need for Tammy, and we run out the door. Once at Grandma's, we paint Maxton's face; Xander refused to have his painted. We decide to trick-or-treat at the mall.

We're on our way. We stop by Scrapbook Trends. Xander falls asleep on the way, so we run in with Maxton and Griffin, just to say hi since they happen to be having the company party right then. I give Tammy my layouts and my cards. Then we go to Costco, since we were nearly out of diapers. David just runs in, since Xander is still asleep. I change and feed Griffin, Maxton asks to get out the whole time David is gone. We go to the mall, meet Grandma, Melissa, Hyrum and Maddy. It was so fun to walk around, and Xander finally woke up and got into the spirit of it all.

I was so tired though. I'm glad it's all over, although I was hoping for a less stressful and fun Halloween. I felt sorry for the boys too, because they didn't really enjoy it as much as they would have. And today I'm sick sick sick. I was running a fever last night, and now my throat is killing me.

Here's some photos of the little cuties.

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  1. you make me tired just reading about your day! A little bit like mine was though, lol!


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