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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Griffin's Blessing

We had such a wonderful day today. We blessed Griffin and we were able to have so many members of our family there for it. It was wonderful! We went to sacrament meeting, then went over to my parents' house for a brunch. It was so nice to see some family we hadn't seen for a while and to just relax and enjoy the company. A lot of David's family was able to be there as well, which was so nice. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like.

Xander and Maxton have both had colds lately. They had so much fun today, but they were both a little cranky. I snapped this photo of Maxton when I was trying to get a good one of Griffin in his little blessing suit. This is so Maxton's grumpy face. He makes really good grumpy faces.
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And here are a few of Griffin from today.
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With my MIL, who has been here all week helping me. She's been wonderful! I'm so blessed to have her.

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One of 128 photos I took today of Griffin. Didn't get a single one I really loved, but there are a few I like, so oh well.

Oh, and a funny Xander story. We were telling him all the people that he was going to see today, and I said, "And your great-grandma Cowley" and Xander said, "My great big Cowley?" Oh my gosh, we just about died laughing, because we knew how much my grandma would love that story! I'm sure it will be in her repertoire of stories for years. When we told her, she said, "Take off the -ley and that would be about it." She's always making fun of her weight and I think she told that story to almost everyone she could find at the brunch.
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  1. what an amazing day, I love his little outfit!


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