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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More potty training

It seems to be going amazingly well! We even left the house today for 3 hours (more on that later) and he did great! He didn't need to go that entire time. He also doesn't seem to know about public restrooms--I told him to tell me if he needed to go potty and he told me that the potty was at home. I explained that they have potties in the stores too, and that if he needed to go he needed to tell me. I'm just worried about him getting bored with it, but we went to the Dollar Store today and stocked up on fun prizes. He really likes his potty chart, so hopefully that will keep working! Fingers crossed!

So, this is why I never go anywhere by myself. IT WAS CRAZINESS trying to get ready. It took over an hour. Went something like this: Pick out clothes. Relatively easy today. Try to convince Xander to get dressed. Tell him to get dressed. He plays with the shirt on his head. I'm trying to find socks. Get distracted, start packing diaper bag. Try to find socks some more, hear them on the changing table looking at the storm outside and playing with the junky blinds (the landlord told us when we moved in he was planning on replacing all of the blinds. Hasn't yet and they are pretty gross). I'm frantically looking for socks, knowing that is probably not a good idea, but not wanting to get distracted again. Hear a crash and crying. Max and Xander were fighting for position and Xander won (unusual--Max is the pushy one. He pushed Xander off the couch and onto the treadmill yesterday. Arg.) Comfort Max, punish Xander, go back to finding socks. Find socks and try to get Xander to get dressed again. He now wants Nemo underwear and not Spongebob. Fine. Give him new underwear. He puts them on, then puts his pants on backwards. I put shoes on Max, try to convince Xander to turn his pants around. Doesn't work. Fine, backwards pants are not a big deal in the scheme of things. Go to change Griffin's diaper. He's poopy. No wipes in sight (usually they are right there by the bed). Do up the diaper again, find the wipes. Narrowly avoid leakage. Clean him up. Had to leave him without a diaper for a while--can't remember what interrupted me. Go back. Put diaper on him, do up the snaps. Chase Xander around, put his shoes and socks on him myself. Okay, we are getting there. Realize Griffin is hungry. Feed him. Put him in car seat. Finish packing diaper bag. Ask Xander if he needs to pee. He says yes. Won't go unless his bottom half is bare. Okay, fine. Pants are backwards anyway. Pull off his shoes and pants and try to convince him to go. Griffin is fussing. Leave him and go get toy for Griffin. Max hits Xander with a toy airplane. Crying. Arg! Griffin is happy. Get Xander dressed again. Boys want coats. Get coats. They want different coats. Find umbrella since it is raining hard. Max cries about wanting umbrella. Make two trips out to the car to get everyone and all their accoutrements in. AND THIS IS JUST TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! WE STILL HAVE FOUR STOPS TO MAKE!

I'm tired. Can I take a nap?
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