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Monday, August 21, 2006


Sometimes I wonder if I have any common sense. Seriously. For instance, after I picked up my kids from my mom's house on Friday, I walked home barefoot. My shoes were hurting my feet and I'd rather not pull a wagon piled high with children and various supplies I used to demonstrate how to make the clocks IN HEELS. So, I'm like, I have tough feet. I'll just walk across two roads and a long parking lot in 90 degree weather at 1:30 in the afternoon. No biggie. After going across the parking lot, I'm like, ouch my feet are starting to hurt. I must be scrapping them up. NOPE. WRONG. I have burns all along the bottom of my feet. Dur. Really didn't think that one through. A few of them are 2nd degree burns. Anyway, I'm going to be smarter next time. Blisters are better then burns.

BUT, in other feet news, Griffin took his first steps last night! Every so often, he will stand up on his own for a few seconds, but he wasn't doing it regularly or very long, so I thought it would still be quite a while before he took his first steps. David was helping him walk to me last night and then he let go. Griffin didn't realize it and made the last few steps on his own! I couldn't believe it! He's only just over 10 months. Xander and Maxton didn't take their first steps until around a year. I'm sure it will be a while before he's really walking, but he did take his first steps!
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