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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love this photo. There are times when I'm so so so glad I have my camera out and ready and this was one of them. Last night, we went to Canyon Glen Park for a huge combined family home evening. Maxton was so glad to see Grandma--he ran to her and gave her a hug hug. But it was really this moment that says it all. You see, we were going back from the bridge to eat. Max started to run off with Xander and Hyrum. But then he noticed something. Grandma wasn't running with him. So, he ran back, caught her hand, and they ran off together. He was so happy to hold her hand and be with her. He's such a Grandma's boy; it's adorable. Once you are in Maxton's affections, you will never leave.  Posted by Picasa
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