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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cute things from the kids before I forget.

The other day I was sewing Halloween costumes in the kitchen when I hear a plastic bag rustling. Now I know that I don't leave bags down, so I walk into the living room to see who it is. It's Griffin. He's sitting on top of the piano, rustling a bag of balls that David uses to play dodgeball with the young men at church. He is SUCH a climber. He's started climbing up on the kitchen chairs as well and he can get on and off our bed as well. Reminds me of the story my grandma told me once about my uncle Troy. He was a very busy kid and as a baby, he crawled out the back door and all the way up onto the seat of a tractor! I think my grandma said he was less than a year old. Thankfully, we don't have any tractors and I moved the stuff Griffin was using to climb onto the piano. I got pictures of him the other day, trying to climb up from the top of the couch onto the window sill in the living room! Luckily, he does not seem to have caught Maxton's klutziness, so he rarely gets hurt and I usually catch him before he does anything too serious.

Maxton has been pretty cute lately. He's such a hoot and says everything with the utmost seriousness. Then he grins. So, he tells me, "I want to help you make dinner, Mommy. I want to make shoclate ship cookies (chocolate chip cookies)." Hehe. I think he's a bit confused. First of all, if he wants to have chocolate chip cookies for dinner, he's not going to get very far with me. David is much more likely to give the children cookies or cake for breakfast before he leaves for work and while I'm trying to catch a few more seconds of sleep, especially now that I'm pregnant and exhausted!

Xander is driving me nutso with his letter sounds. We bought him a video for his birthday called "The Letter Factory" which he adores. It teaches the letter sounds and does a song to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell." Xander loves to go around singing it. He can even do it in order. He's also been practicing his writing his letters. I was so surprised a few weeks ago in church. He was going through the letters on his magna doodle. He got to K and I wrote my name down and showed it to him. He acted all mad and erased it right away. Well, a few minutes later, he shows me his 'doodle as he calls it, and there is my name in his little handwriting! I was amazed, especially because he doesn't know his lowercase too well. I'm sure with a little work, he'll be reading soon, although he gets impatient with me when I want to show him things.
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