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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Griffin's Birthday yesterday

I'm looking at this photo I took yesterday and almost tearing up. He's getting so big. I don't know how they can grow as fast as they do. It seems like he should still be a tiny newborn and here he is, eating all table food and walking around like Frankenstein's monster, all wobbly with his arms stretched out!

Griffin is such a joy. He is so snuggly and he's knows what's going on. Recently, he's discovered the ceiling and he will point up at it and then babble to you, telling you all about it. He's such a screamer. I laugh when people tell me he's a mellow baby. He is, but when he wants something, it's ear-piercing screams, as loud as he can get. He's also a climber. He recently figured out how to get down off the couch, so that's a relief. He will open one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen and climb in, then he gets stuck and the scream starts again. The other day, he stood up in his high chair, so I thought, "Okay, time to start buckling him in." So I did. Turned around again, and he was standing up. He'd wiggled out of the belt! Hopefully tightening it will help with that little issue. He's so skinny. He's pudged out just a little, but not enough for his pants to stay on. He's always loosing his pants, poor thing. I guess I should invest in some safety pins.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Little Man! We all adore you! Posted by Picasa
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