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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

These are the kinds of questions that don't have answers.

I am hungry. Maxton is asleep. I'm planning on going with the kiddos to a local restaurant called The Training Table (affectionately referred to by Xander as the ones with the telephones. Each table has a phone and you use it to call in your order). I'm starting to get hungry. It's 5:30 and my belly is not happy. Maxton is sleeping. The kind of sleeping where he doesn't even twitch when you change Griffin's diaper in his room. And he got there because he was CRANKY. I even spanked him because I was so fed up with his behavior. I don't really use spanking as one of my parenting techniques. I try to remember President inclosing idea that he doesn't see a reason to ever hit a child. Yeah, didn't do so good with that. Anyway, I made him go to sleep. So, do I sit here hungry, waiting for him to wake up? Or do I risk the wrath of a cranky two-year-old? Somehow, I think the food is going to win soon.
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  1. I'm just wondering why you didn't call me up to go with you. The Training Table sounds yummy! And I can't believe you went there by yourself with the three boys. ;)


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