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Friday, April 06, 2007


So, today as I'm watching Veronica Mars season 1 on DVD, I look down and see an ant crawling on my arm with a tiny little crumb. I couldn't bring myself to kill it, so I brushed it off my arm onto the couch next to me and then off the couch. It was just so small and holding onto it's crumb. . .But then it didn't leave. I actually had to call in David from the other room to get rid of it for me. Oh my gosh, when did I turn into such a softie? I've always had the rule that if insects invade my house they are fair game, but I leave the ones outside alone.

I guess I'm over the childhood trauma of fire ants.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of another story. Xander really loves insects. They are his friends. Anyway, he came into the living room the other night saying that they found a "caterpillar" in the bathroom and he had it on his arm. Nope, wasn't a caterpillar, it was a centipede! I was silently freaking out while DH took Xander outside to set it free. Uck! I hate insects, especially nasty looking ones like that. (No wonder first paragraph is so strange to me).

PS I swear I'm going to update on the other two children soon. It's been crazy with deadlines the past few weeks.
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