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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wow, how many things can go wrong in 10 minutes?

Today was errand day. Three kids and my very pregnant self spent a lot of time grocery shopping today. A very nice lady at our grocery store gave us balloons and the kiddles were so excited about them! So, I'm running around trying to get the children inside safely with their balloons and also bringing in groceries at the same time. Griffin is running back and forth between the top of the stairs (you have to go down 4 steps to our apartment) and the open car door. Maxton wants his new hooded towel. There are kids and balloons everywhere--I'd slip-knotted the balloons on wrists so they could get inside with them. Well, I was bringing in my new platter of shrimp from Costco, Griffin gets in my way and WHAAA--shrimp all over the sidewalk. $10 worth of shrimp. That I've been craving for weeks.

Well, I'm like, it'll wash, so I scoop it all up. I go to carry it into the house. Xander and Maxton are inside at this point. Griffin has crawled back into the car. Anyway, Xander comes back out, no idea WHY, and we collide, as we both try to get in the door at the same time; I bounce him with my large belly, he lets go of his balloon which I'd removed from his wrist. It bounces on the porch ceiling, I think about dropping the shrimp to grab it, but since I just dropped it and the thought of that lovely shrimp all over the ground again is too much, no free hands, I just hope it will stop bouncing, nope, bounce bounce bounce bounce; it goes into the wild blue yonder. Xander's crying, I'm crying, it was the cutest blue balloon with a bear's face and flower printed on it. I was so sad for him, but gosh, if he'd just stayed inside like I told him to. . .

Somehow I managed to get all the groceries and children inside at the same time. On the up side, I finished watching Veronica Mars season 1 while Griff took a 3-hour nap. Ahhhhh.

PS I promise I will update you all soon on the cuteness of Max and Griffin.
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  1. Oh, I SO know days like that! I hope the shrimp cleaned up well for you to eat and ENJOY! Actually, we were all outside in the back yard when Maddy pointed out a blue balloon floating up in the sky (the girl misses NO balloons!). Must've been Xander's. How funny that we saw it.

  2. Well, no use crying over spilt, er, shrimp. Or runaway balloons. Just another day of life. It isn't so much the trials we face as how we handle them. Each is an opportunity to either praise and be thankful or turn away and be angry, hurt, anxious, or in pain. Sounds like you were able to assuage the pain with a little R&R. Way to go!

  3. You;ve been tagged!

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