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Monday, December 17, 2007

Maxton's Birthday

Wow, what a crazy month it's been. When I haven't been scrapbooking, I've been making a cake or doing Christmas activities or birthday parties. It's been fun, but crazy.

Last Saturday was Maxton's 4th birthday. He was the most excited I've ever seen him. You should have seen him tearing through those presents! Christmas is going to be a blast this year. He got a Big Wheel, a floor puzzle, a set of scriptures, a Batman movie and a cool set of books, projecter and music player all of Disney stories.

In the picture at the top he is showing us how old he is. Dixie and Rick were there and they were teaching him how to put his thumb down. He got it eventually. Then I asked him to show me how old he was so I could take a picture, it was right back to holding down his pinky! Silly kid.

Here are some pictures:Sorry for the excess of pictures of his cake, but I spent a long time on it, dang it! and I want to show it off. I think I spent about 30 hours making it. It was very good though and the kids were crazy for it!Opening presents!

Singing Happy Birthday. He was so happy it was finally his turn to have a birthday.

And a cute one of Aubriana thrown in for good measure. Love this hat!
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  1. Anonymous1:12 PM

    The cake was fabulous! I just put a little $7 plastic car that I got from the grocery store -- great job!+


  2. ...and a good time was had by all.

  3. Yeah, that cake is awesome~ You are one talented Chickie!

  4. I'm Jeri's friend and thought your name sounded familiar so I clicked. well I don't know you but your cake is so awesome! Good job. I'm impressed and ashamed of every cake I've ever made! :)


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