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Monday, December 03, 2007

Our December Craft Project

So, a few weeks ago I saw some adorable trees on 2peas. I knew right off that I wanted to make some, so I talked my mom and my sister into joining me. I had no idea what a time consuming project it would become though! We worked like 6 hours to make them all (we each made a set of 3). Finally got together again yesterday to finish them up. I cut the stars from chipboard on the Cricut Expression--that is just so cool to be able to do! They are also glittery, it's kind of hard to see in the photograph.

To make them, I cut 1" wide strips of Making Memories pattern paper, then cut those into 3" lengths, looped them and hot glued them, then working from the bottom up, hot glued them onto a styrofoam cone. Then I cut two stars for each tree out of chipboard, glued them on either side of a toothpick, then painted them and added the glitter, then stuck them on the tops of my trees.

I think they turned out so cute! We each used a different kind of pattern paper, and all three sets are such our own personal style.
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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! They're too cute! Would you mind if I used them as an example for the Paper Posies December NL? I'm doing a challenge where you post your Holiday projects - no picture projects - like this.

  2. Jenny, go ahead! :)

  3. Anonymous2:17 AM

    these are so cute! I totally want to try to make some... do you have any idea how many sheets of paper you used?
    sandra at

  4. Sandra, for all three trees, I needed about 8 sheets of pattern paper total. I had about 1/2 sheet of each design left. HTH!

  5. Those are adorable! I wonder if it would work with starched fabric? -Do you ever sleep?


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