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Friday, February 01, 2008

A Few Funny Xander Stories

He's got his own way of looking at the world. On Monday I think it was, Melissa came over to get something. She hadn't gone to church on Sunday. This was their conversation:

Xander: 'Issa, why didn't you go to church?
Melissa: I just didn't.
Xander: Were you sick?
Melissa: No, I wasn't sick.
Xander: Well, if you're not sick, you should go to church. Why didn't you go then?
Melissa: I just didn't.
Xander: I bet that made Heavenly Father sad.

Nothing like getting lectured by a five year old.

He also recently asked me when we were going to have a new baby. I explained to him that we probably wouldn't have any more. I am thinking more and more all the time that we are done. Plus, I just lost every last pound of baby weight. Still, I can understand why he asked me. I agree, it feels like I'm always pregnant. We've had a new baby coming nearly the whole time he's been alive. He was sad that we weren't having any more. He loves babies almost as much as I do.
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  1. Tell him that he grow up and be a babysitter and watch all the babies that he wants. ;) And you look fabulous by the way!! Very jealous that you've lost the weight. :)

  2. Haha, that's so funny that he said that to Melissa -- what a guilt trip.

  3. Oh and congrats on losing all your baby weight! Inspiring. :)


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