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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ok, I know it's sort of silly, but I'm EXCITED!

I've been doing tons of design work for American Crafts for the last little bit, a lot of stuff for QVC, but since we no longer have cable, I haven't gotten to see if any of my stuff had made it on air. Today was supposed to be a big craft day, so I went and looked it up, and yep! there was some of my stuff!! That is just sooooo cool!

If you want to watch it, I tried, but I can't link directly to it. But if you go to and search for "American Crafts Chipboard" it will come up as the first item. Click on that, then click on the watch video tab.

The stuff you can see of mine is the card on the right with the big white flourish (Lisa picks it up after a while) and the last layout they show is Aubriana and David.

It's these kinds of things that make it so worth it to work so hard. :)
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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM


    That's so cool! I was actually watching off and on this morning and saw the card, but I had no idea you made it. Lauren distracted me so I didn't see the page with Aubriana and David. When I saw this on your blog, I watched the video online. Great job!

  2. Congratulations! We don't have cable either. I regularly download your podcast and just found your blog. So cool!

  3. So CUTE! I watch that whenever I can cuz I love to hear the old ladies call in all excited about how they're going to do this or that for their grandkids pages and how it's just the "cutest thang in the whole world!"

    Anyway, I still LOVE your stuff and love coming across it here and there. LUCKY you to work with AC!! I read your SBTrends article every month- love all the digital stuff you're doing too!

    Keep up the good work Kara :)

  4. Very cool, Kara! Good for you!


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