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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Maddy's Birthday

A while ago, Melissa asked me if I would do the cakes for her kids' birthdays. Knowing I would probably be ready to try cake making again by then, I said that I would, of course. So, this week was Maddy's birthday. I had such a blast making a girly cake! She loved it. When we brought it out to sing to her, she was delighted and was clapping her hands. Also, that girl can jabber! I've never heard a little girl who can talk so quickly. She's such a doll and such a princess. Here are some pics:

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  1. What a darling cake and such a cute little girl. The cake is totally awesome; looks like a lot of hard (and talented) work went into this.

  2. Thanks so much, Kara! She truly loved it! And you are right, the girl sure does know how to talk... and quickly! Ready to make another one in a month for Hyrum? ;)

  3. Kara, those pictures are gorgeous! You have quite the talent at cake decorating, I could never pull that off, ok, well, I could if I tried, but I'd rather pay someone else to :)


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