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Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Nephew

This is my nephew, Hyrum. He is such a hoot. I had to post this today, because I don't want to forget this story. So, my sister Melissa and I trade babysitting for a date night once a week. A few days ago, it was my turn to have her kids. Griffin at one point gets frustrated and chucks a sippy cup at Hyrum's head. I was there, saw the whole thing happen. Before I can even do anything (like punish Griffin and wonder when he's going to figure out that you can't throw hard things), Hyrum comes whining to me, rubbing his head, saying "Griffin hurt my IMAGINATION." :) I guess I would be pretty upset too if someone hurt my imagination.
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  1. Hehehe. Silly boy! You did a great job taking that picture of him! Thanks for sharing the story. :)


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