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Friday, February 15, 2008

We had such a wonderful Valentine's Day!

David does the best things to make it special. He's so amazing that way. It was a nice break, since I've been sick and Aubriana has been sick (still is, poor thing). We cooked a really nice dinner together, then went ice skating. I can't even remember the last time I went ice skating. It was so nice. It was college night, so it started at 8:00 and went to 11:00 with no one under 16. The first time around the rink, I was hugging the side and unsteady, but I soon caught the hang of it again. David was so cute, because for once, he's not as good as me at something. He also kept getting bum skates and returning them, once he even broke a shoelace. Once he got a good pair of skates though, he improved rapidly. It was such a fun date, although a bit strange. It kinda made me feel old to be around all those college kids. I told David I bet I was the only girl there with four kids. ;)

He also spoiled me as usual with the gifts. He got me two gift certificates to See's, the DVD of My Fair Lady (!), some beads and two things of lotion from Bath and Body works. He got some handguns and a card.
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  1. You guys are cute together. Glad to hear you got out. When did you learn to ice skate? Now all you need to do is get up skiing again! You were the best 4-year-old on the hill. Totally fearless, and so cute with your big brown eyes peeking out between your hat and scarf. Just make a pizza and point 'em downhill.


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