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Friday, July 25, 2008

Another batch of photos, this time from the front yard

We've had a pretty laid back summer. We haven't really gone anywhere or done out summer rituals. I can't believe it's almost August and we haven't been camping yet! It's been a weird year, and I still sometimes struggle with depression, plus the cost of gas, well, we've just been homebodies. It's been very nice though, relaxing.

I can't believe that in one month Xander will be starting school. I'm a bit apprehensive and a bit excited too. I know he will thrive and love it, but I will miss him. It will be nice to have some structure to our days, but also strange to have to be someplace everyday. He keeps asking when we're going to buy his school clothes. The first time I mentioned it, he laughed at me and was incredulous that he would need clothes for school--after all, he already has a drawer full and he knows you wear regular clothes to school, but I explained and now he wants some. He's also very excited to get a lunch box, although he won't be having lunch at school until 1st grade, since it's half day around here. We may have to buy him one anyway. I love shopping for school supplies and always have, so I can't wait to do that part. I am a bit worried though, because we (meaning Melissa and I) missed registration in the spring somehow and now we are trying to figure out what we need to do. It's for sure weird to not know the process at all from a parent's perspective, but I'm sure I'll catch on. I'm gaining experience for the rest of the kiddos.

Anyway, in keeping with our relaxed summer, here are some pictures we took in the front yard a few days ago when we were just hanging out. Aubrey still isn't walking, but she is FAST on her hands and knees. She has started sitting down slowly and has even stood on her own for a few seconds. I'd be freaking out if she was my first, but since she is my last, I'm happy to have her still crawling.Maxton carrying Aubriana. She doesn't like it much.
I love Griffin's form here.This happened just before we went inside. I can't believe all those little boys hanging off of their Daddy. I love how they ended up in the grass in a heap.
And one last one of "The Cuteness." We just turned her car seat around in the van. Xander, who sits behind her, was upset, "Mom, why did you do that? Now I can't see the cuteness."

Also, the other day we were at Wendy's and they have these huge graphic pictures of hamburgers, tomatoes, etc, and Griffin looks up at one and says, "That's a big hamburger! It's humongous!" I was cracking up. What two year old says humongous?
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  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Your children are beautiful!

    Don't worry about school--everything will fall into place! I still have some apprehension at the start of each school year...will they be able to handle the work load, will they get along with their teachers and classmates, etc...and my boys are 14 and 12!

    I need to slow myself down and take things day by day, and not worry so much about the "what if's!


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