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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I know, I seem to be on a photo kick lately. . .

Yesterday, Melissa and her family came over and I took their pictures. Except the usually cheerful Maddy had been replaced by cranky Maddy who refused to have her picture taken. So, I just did shots of the rest of the fam. They are so dang cute!

My beautiful sister:Miles--love his belly.
Hyrum looking upside down at the camera.
Hyrum and Max. They really wanted to take photos together.
Maxton is extrapolating on the members of the family with blue eyes and explaining to Hyrum that they both have blue eyes.
My sis and her hubby.
Another shot of them together.
And one against the fence.
And there ya have it. I think I've made some progress in my photography skills. They look better on the blog too--usually I have problems with them looking majorly washed out.

Oh, and before I forget, I was editing photos on the computer while Aubrey looked on. When I got to the photos of Miles, she got all excited and started pointing and smiling. Then a few minutes later, she was fussy, so I picked her up. She pointed and said, "Miiiiiii. Miiiii." She was obviously trying to say Miles, which was so cute! Yesterday also, David was asking her to give him five and she does and looks up all proud and says, "Fie." It was too cute. She was 14 months yesterday, guess I'd been dive in a try to get some good photos of her today.
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  1. Hey Kara! Great photos as always. Are you still doing the Nth Degree? I noticed no recent videos have been out lately. Just curious!

  2. Hi Kara! LOVE the pic of Melissa & Jay kissing! Wow, so good!! If I promise not to kiss anyone, will you come photograph the two M's next weekend when I'm there for CKU???? :D

    Tag! You're it!


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