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Friday, September 19, 2008

New Cricut Cartridges

I can see I'm going to have a serious addition to these things. I had four before, then yesterday, I got four more in the mail from CreativExpress. Hurray! One thing I find horrible about them is the bulky and annoying to use packaging they come in. I was at a crop a few weeks ago and Michelle had this awesome idea! She put them in pencil cases with a clear pocket on the outside for the keypad. Sweet! So, I started at Staples, couldn't find what I was looking for. I tried the Dollar store on the off chance. Nope, nothing. Tried Walmart, still nada. I didn't think this would be a hard thing to find. I just wanted clear pencil cases. Then I scored at Office Max (which Maxton thought was hilarious, because it had his name in it). I found these clear ones for 40 cents a piece. Yep, 40 cents! They are the perfect size and clear on both sides, which is terrific. I put my booklets, the keypad and the cartridge in it and then stuck them on a binder ring. They are so portable now, and I actually replace the cartridges when I'm done with them. Props to Michelle for this great idea!On the ring--not too bad. I plan to group similar ones together on the same rings as my collection grows.

The front side, you can easily tell which cartridge it is.

The back side (or is it the front side, whichever). Again, easy to see what's in there.
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  1. $.40! I am so there! Now to figure out WHERE an Office Max is. Hmmmmm....

    I'll have to point Michelle over here. She'll be so excited!

  2. Yeah, I actually inspired someone. I think I like your's better though. I may have to take a trip to Office Max.

  3. hmmmm interesting way to store them. I have a bookcase in my stamp room so the original casing actually works well for me.

  4. what a cool idea! I don't have a cricut, I have a Pazzles, which doesn't use cartidges, but if it did, I'd definately do this! Maybe I will recommend this to my mom.

  5. That's a neat idea for storage. Glad it works for ya!

  6. COOL! So what are the 4 new carts you got?


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