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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Warning: Mommy Brag Ahead

David and I went to our first ever parent/teacher conference yesterday. It was so good to meet with his teacher and hear how he's doing. I wasn't that surprised, since I've been able to volunteer in his class a few times, but it was still good to hear his teacher recognize his strengths and tell how she plans to help him improve. She said he does great in class, that he gets along well with others in his class, both boys and girls, that he does his work well and on time, that he picks up things quickly.

She was also very impressed with his drawing skills. She said that the self portrait which I included at the top of the page was on a 2nd grade level. She also chuckled a bit over his pattern around the edges. He passed off all the things they are supposed to know for September with flying colors. He got 26/26 on upper case, lower case recognition and 26/26 for their sounds. I was happy to hear that because when he's reading, he occasionally mixes up b and d. He is getting quite good at reading. Sunday he read us Green Eggs and Ham, which really impressed me, as it has over 60 pages. He is also working his way through the Bob books and starting to read more complicated words, like "hopped."

He can count to 100 and beyond. He's still working on not blurting out answers and raising his hand, but that will come. I love that when she asked what he would do to make their class better, he wrote "I will wrc [work]." That is so typical of Xander. Anyway, I am just so happy and proud that he loves school. His teacher is wonderful. I am hoping that this year will lay a foundation for years of school success. And that concludes my mommy brag.
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  1. I love that self portrait! Of course that border looks a lot like scrapbooking, LOL!

  2. Awesome drawing! 2nd grade level, pretty impressive! :) What a great kid, I liked the update. It's hard to believe he's in school now and so grown up. (Loved the TMNT cake, too, btw!)


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