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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Xander is 6 today!

That's the cake that I spent all of yesterday making. I had a really stressful weekend, I have to say I am so glad it is over with! I think I cried twice over that cake--the fondant was giving me attitude. Also, the kids were sick this morning, we have a cacophony of coughing at our house right now. So fun. (I probably shouldn't be writing this right now, because I am grumpy).

Anyway, he had a pretty fun birthday and he's very excited to be six. He loved his cake, which was inspired by one I found on He got a box of cereal too, which was almost the only thing he asked for present wise. We usually by the bagged Malt-o-Meal cereal, so having his own box is going to be a real treat. Here he is with his favorite present:He also got a shirt, his first set of Legos, a pop-up punching Superman, a rocket from the Blairs, and a set of the Bob books, since he's out-grown his first reading book (he is on his way to reading everything in sight), and Othello, which is a board game. We are going to Chuck E. Cheese on Wednesday, so hopefully we will all be less sick, less stressed and more cheerful.
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  1. I swear NEED to go into business. I showed my hubby last night and he was beyond impressed. You could make a killing with your talent my friend!

    Sorry I couldn't scrap with you guys on Fri. My heart was there.....I thought about you all night!


  2. That cake looks awesome!!! You could seriously get paid to make cakes!

    I never saw choco peanut butter Pops. They sound yummy! Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Fantastic job on the cake--you are very talented!

  4. The cake is completely beautiful and I agree, you should go into business!

    I remember one year asking for a huge jar of pickles for Christmas, kind of like he did with the cereal!!! I think that's cool!

  5. wow Kara!!! That cake is AMAZING. Happy birthday lil Ninja turtle loving dude!

  6. That is one amazing cake!! Hope everyone feels better soon.
    BTW how did his day of modeling go?

  7. YOU KILL ME!!!
    You need to do a guest appearance on Ace of Cakes!

  8. Happy Bday X! That cake is amazing!! We're all sick too. Just cuz we live in So Cal I guess that doesn't mean there's no cold season :(

  9. The cake turned out AWESOME. I remember getting "sugar cereal" for Christmas and I thought it was so great. :) He's too cute. Happy b-day Xander!

  10. Angie C.4:23 PM

    First set of Legos????? Your pocketbook will never recover!!

    Love you blog!


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