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Friday, January 16, 2009

Project 365, Week Two

Here's week two.
Jan 8: Griffin has been asking me to make him a dinosaur. He's really into dinosaurs; in fact, he got two remote control T-rex dinos for Christmas, which he adores. So, I set out to make him a dinosaur from some bright green yarn. I had a lot of fun figuring out the pattern and I'm happy with the end result. Even better, Griffin loves his long-neck.

Jan 9: Today we took our kids to see Bolt in 3D. It was my first real 3D movie (I did see more of a documentary at Thanksgiving point once, but it wasn't full-length). The kids thought the glasses were awesome and of course, they wanted to bring them home. We watched Hyrum, Maddy and Miles so Melissa and Jay could go on a date, and they were pretty popular with them as well. I just had to snag a picture of them.

Jan 10: (Still need to take the picture, but I didn't want to forget to write the journaling). It's been snowing so much this year that for the first time in my adult life, I seriously needed a pair of snow boots. It's very annoying to treck out into knee deep or so snow without appropriate proctective footwear. So, David and I went on a search for some. We tried Walmart and Target, before giving up on those and deciding to go for the serious stuff at Sportsman's Warehouse. I found this totally cute pair which had the duel advantages of being cute and on sale. I snagged the last pair, so glad they fit. Now, if you give a girl a pair of cute snow boots, you also have to give her a cute pair of straight-legged pants to tuck into the boots to show them off properly. Old Navy, I will see you soon.

Jan 11: This is Sunday night, just before bed. Typical choas and couch cushions and half of the children in pajamas and half not and toys wherever and blankets dragged out of the bedroom. I love having children, but no one can deny that it's not very good for your house. This is the side of our life that I normally try to hide from the camera. So take it in, in all it's glory. You may not get a chance to see it again.
Jan 12: I hate to admit it, but I dread getting the kids food, especially lunch. It's a process, let me tell. Step 1: Try to figure out what they want to eat without anyone throwing a fit regarding what they will/will not eat. Step 2: Get Xander some lunch before school (pictured). Step 4: Get Xander off to school. Step 5: Make something that hopefully will feed the remaining children and actually get eaten, but not be gone before little tummies are full. Step 5: Wash dishes. Or at least, pick up them up off the floor after being thrown down by the littlest monster. Step 6: Take a rest after all that work. Step 7: Realize I still need to feed myself. I've got to figure out a better system for this.
Jan 13: David and I were sitting in Artic Circle, when I got a call from my mom to tell me that my Great-Grandma Jensen had passed. They had made the decision a few days ago to take her off her medications, because she was miserable and her qualtity of life had decreased so much in the past few months. I had such mixed feelings on this. I will miss her so much. I won't ever eat her famous, home-made fudge, have her worry and fuss over me or play her antique piano for her, while ignoring the woefully out of tune notes. I won't sit in her living room on her old davenport, enjoying the view out her huge picture window while she coos at one of my babies on her lap. I won't get an envelop adressed to me in her old-fashioned handwriting with a little birthday money in it, given with love. On the other hand, she is finally free. She had a long, full and happy life and made the most of each of her 102 years (she would have been 103 next month). She loved everyone and was delighted with each new great-great grandchild. And now she is reunited with her husband and her daughter (my grandmother). She missed them so much.

This photo is of her with my niece, Madolin. Madolin was born on her 99th birthday and named Madolin Jane in honor of her great-great grandmother, planned even before her birthday happened to be just the right day.

Jan 14: The boys got tons of Legos for Christmas, and now they have quite the collection. They love to play with them. Aubriana loves to throw them on the floor; therefore, they usually only get to play with them while she is sleeping. Their favorite things to build are the Star Wars sets, of course. Here is Griffin with one of the ships, which is manned by Storm Troopers.
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  1. Your pictures are getting better (is that even possible?)! I think that is a great idea to include an older picture of Grandma Jensen on that day... I was trying to figure out how I could make that day significant.

  2. I am so sorry about your great grandmother Kara- that is a gorgeous photo of her.


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