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Friday, January 16, 2009

Whohooo! My movie star status has been reclaimed (or something like that)

Check out the new episodes of the Nth, with my new bestest friend, Meridith. She is so cute and a natural at this stuff. I've loved each of the gals I've hosted with, so I'm glad that Merry is that way too. She is just awesome. Seriously. We have the most fun and I hope you enjoy watching them. And I'm crossing my fingers that they will be up every Friday. We have worked really hard on them.

First of new episodes. Oh, and check out how hot I look in that first frame (Cameron, I know where you live. I'm just saying). Luckily, I know from using my DVR frequently that even the most beautiful people look like blind chipmunks when paused. So THERE!
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