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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

$1 make-over

First, I started out with this skirt. A $1 Saver's find. It's a girl sized, not exactly sure how big, but probably for a girl who is 9 or 10.

First, I took out the elastic. It was actually stitched to the casing, otherwise, you could just open up the casing in a 2" spot or so, pull it tighter and sew the elastic together, trim it and sew up your hole. Instead, I had to unpick the entire casing, sew it again, put the elastic through, sew the elastic to itself, then sew up my hole.

After that, I added straps, with a ribbon sewn the length of it. Then I sewed on a matching bow on the front and ta-da! a new dress. It's so cute; perfect for running around in this summer. She was not very cooperative about the pictures, so pardon my mess and the blurry, headache inducing 2nd shot.

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  1. I love how this turned out! You have such a great vision of what you can do with things.


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