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Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Butterfly Digital Scrapbooking Kit Freebie

New to digital scrapbooking? Never downloaded a digital kit before? What in the world are .rar files anyway? Get your answers here: How to Unzip Files So You Can Digi Scrap.

This is the baby girl version from last week. I have a thing for butterflies. So does Aubrey. We went camping this past weekend and she saw a white butterfly and almost went crazy. She was fluttering her hands like wings, then sticking her finger out for the butterfly to land on. The butterfly declined, much to her disappointment.

The layout is a photo from over two years ago. She was such a little thing. She was a quiet baby--I really never expected the huge personality she has now. Came out of nowhere at about 15 months.

Journaling reads: Aubriana, looking at this photo, nearly two years later, I’m blown away by how beautiful you are. There is no way I could have predicted your smart, sweet, hilarious personality. Now that I know you, your baby pictures are all that more precious and wonderful.

Contents: 6 pattern papers, 1 embossed frame, 1 mask, 2 journaling blocks, 2 labels.
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