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Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Progress: Tying Up Loose Ends, Week 3

I didn't do as well as I hoped this week. I feel scattered, like my attention span has become pea sided and bouncy. Hopefully I will do better next week. I still got a lot done, but I was light on the finishing part.

You know about the library tote bag. We used it and it's perfect!
I also have a quilt I technically finished ages ago, but I hated the way I quilted it and started to unpick it. This week I finished unpicking it and started quilting it again, but didn't get too far on it. The nice thing about this project is that I already did the binding, sooooo, as soon as I finish quilting, I will be instantly done! Hopefully, next week I will finish. I have to say I'm pretty sick of quilting, lol.

On Wednesday, I sewed this hoodie up. It's still missing the zipper. I got frustrated and put it on hold for now. That can happen when you sew the zipper on UPSIDE DOWN the first time, then after unpicking that, sew it with too much seam allowance. Arg!

It was a pretty fun project though, because I used a hoodie she already had to make the basic pattern, then made some modifications to fit the vision I had. I really enjoy pattern making, although I would teak a few things on this one.

We also went back to school this week. Xander is a first grader! Maxton will offically start Kindergarten next week.

My little ragamuffin. Every time this outfit is clean, I put her in it. So far, she's only worn it on this side, so I might have to make myself put her in the other side next time. Usually she wears brown legging underneath it, but she's in various states of clean/presentable here, so no leggings.
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