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Monday, December 28, 2009

Grades and a little Christmas

Well, grades came out Christmas Eve and I've been too preoccupied with reading the books I got for Christmas to post my grades. But, now I am ready to brag a little.

Ok, here are my classes and my grade. I'm extremely proud of myself because I worked so hard for these grades. Harder than I've ever worked. Probably harder than I needed to work.
English 110--A (I happen to know I got 100% in this class, but it's a one credit class, so not a huge deal)
Child Development--A
English 252--A (97%)
International Studies--Developing World--A (96%)
Science Foundations--A (This one was 99%, which I thought was pretty cool)
Family Foundations--A

A 4.0. Yep, not bad for my first semester back and for going full-time. Next semester, I'm signed up for a religion class and Math 108 Math for the Real World. I'm hoping to add one more class if it opens up. It's a bit difficult, because they are just starting the online program and I have very specific classes to take and they aren't offering too many of the ones I need. Even I wanted to go full-time, I wouldn't be able to, just because they aren't offering the classes. On the other hand, it kind of works out, since I only have ten classes left and I'm not eager to go full-time again.

Onto Christmas. We had a very nice Christmas--nothing too out of the ordinary, but both my brothers were there and my sister and her husband, plus all our kids. The only one missing was my nephew, Winston. I haven't seen him since November, but hopefully I will get to see him sometime soon. He is smiling already and I can't wait to see it. Otherwise, we had quite the group. Everyone slept here at my parents' house and we had a party. My mom's cousin, Andrea, and her family stopped by on Christmas Eve and it was so great to see them again. Her kids are so big! It's amazing how quickly everyone is growing now.

Xander checking out what Santa left him.Max on Christmas morning.
Aubrey and her "person." For some reason, she has it in her head that it's not a purse, it's a person. Or should I spell that purson?

Here's my nephew, Graham, in the hat I knitted for him. My sister and I decided to have the children make each other presents this year. I had the idea of using knitting looms. The kids picked out the bulky yarn. Xander helped me a little on the first one, but it ended up being way too small and my child size loom was missing, so all of Christmas Eve I knitted. Hyrum and Miles also got similar hats. The kids then helped make the pom poms for the tops, which explains the craziness. Graham's ended up looking a lot like a carrot. It's pretty cute, even though his is a little small. Hyrum's and Miles' hats ended up much more appropiately sized. The kids strung bracelets for my niece Maddy.
Griffin on Aubriana's rocking horse (I wish you could see it a little more). It's so cute and it tosses its head and tail and neighs. All the kids loved it. Christmas chaos in the background.
I just made everyone tell me what their favorite part of Christmas this year was and this is what I got:
David: Um, finding out that you made that hat for me.
Kara: How totally spoiled I was by David. And I have tons of reading material now. And my new makeup. But mostly just being with family.
Xander:When Daddy gave me the gift card. I would say that would be the gun and helmet.
Maxton: When we opened the kitchen.
Griffin: I don't know. Playing with my army men and when I saw them. That was my favorite part.
Aubrey: Um, some presents. Mom: What was your favorite present? Aubrey: The puppy present. His head goes round round round.

Here's David putting together the play kitchen. You can also see the Clone Trooper helmets the boys each received from my parents.
Isn't she so cute? She's at that stage when she usually looks all ragamuffiny--with disheveled hair and a dirty face. I cannot believe how often she needs a bath.Anyway, that was pretty much our Christmas. I somehow didn't get pictures of most of the hats I knitted. I hate it when that happens! I've got to get photos before my brothers scatter and I don't get another chance.
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  1. It was nice going through your blog "Grades and a little Christmas" Enjoyed it very much. Wishing you good times and good cheer

  2. First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your results. That is a HUGE accomplishment considering that you have 4 children and are studying at the same time! I just can't even get my head around that one! **whew**. Well done YOU!.

    Secondly, your house looked like ours on Christmas Day. Mayhem and madness with the toys and the gift wrap everywhere you turn but good fun. I don't know about you but I am tired of picking up the little pieces from all the new toys already :-(.


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