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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crochet Headband

I know you all are probably sick of my yarn projects, but I cannot stop making them. I really need to get pictures of some of the things I've been doing, but it's hard when I have to get someone else to take pictures of me--plus I have to get all ready and wear makeup and that just doesn't happen that often. But today I got Aubrey ready for church (I didn't go--migraine for the 2nd day in a row) and put on her new crochet headband and had to take pictures of her.

This is a super easy project. I based mine from two posts from the blog Creativeyarn. You can see them here and here. She has directions, but I thought I would share what I did. It's the same basic concept, but adjustable for size.

Ok, first make a chain. It needs to long enough to fit around your head, plus about 1/2". Chain is stretchy, but don't stretch it too much to get your measurement. A little is fine, but not to full stretching capacity.

ROW 1: Single stitch in the 2nd chain from hook. Single stitch for about two inches, then start chaining again. Chain until you are about 2" from the end of the foundation chain, then join with foundation chain with single stitch and single stitch to the end. Turn.

ROW 2: Chain 1. Do the same thing again (single stitch along the singles you've already made), then chain until you get to your single stitches again, join and single stitch along until you have about an inch left. Then chain four or five stitches (this will form your button hole--make sure your button will fit through it), then join again, leaving at least two single chains at the end. Single stitch in remaining stitches. Turn.

ROW 3: Chain 1. Single stitch along previous row and in chain you formed for button hole until you get to the end of your single chains. Then chain again to match the two strands you already did, join with single stitches and single stitch to the end. Add a button on side without button hole. Weave in ends.

If you're visual like me, here's a chart. If you haven't done any crocheting from a chart, I highly recommend it. This is a great pattern to start with, because it's super simple.
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  1. First of all.. you and your projects are amazing!!! And.. I will take pictures for you! We just need to get it all arranged... Also, if you are willing there things I want to know how to knit or crochet that I think you should figure it out and then teach me ;o)

  2. That is very cute!

    I love charted patterns.


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