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Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Progress: Crafty Organization Week 7

While I was organizing this week, I found another box of letter stickers. I thought I had some more somewhere, and yep, here they are. Little stinkers. It's funny, because I tend to use my Cricut to cut out titles for my layouts, but no more. I need to use up some of these things. The other bad thing about letter stickers is that you can never throw them away (at least, I have a hard time doing it), but when is it going to work out that you magically used every single letter on the sheet? I'm guessing I need to start doing some art projects to use up those sheets that don't have any vowels left.

Yep, that is the box I didn't remember I had:

A little sorting later, and I have two boxes of very organized stickers and rub ons, plus other assorted alphabets and shaped stickers.

I also started in on my sewing supplies. Sewing supplies are easy compared to scrapbooking supplies, because you really don't have that many categories.

Yarn is even easier (for me at least). I have three cardboard boxes of yarn, and there are only cotton, wool, acrylics (yuck, why am I keeping these??), and fancy blends (I don't have that many. Yet).

Now, this isn't anywhere where I'd like it to be when I have a functioning craft room, but everything is grouped together. All like is with like. I found all the bags of fabric I had tucked around here and there and put them all together. All the interfacing is together. All the yarn is together. All the purse making supplies are together. All the beading stuff is together. All the tools are together. All the various and assorted scrapbooking do-dads are together. In short, everything is easy to find and ready for moving.

Phew. I think I am done.

Even if it's not all the way done and all pretty like I want, I think it's a huge improvement from this:

to this:
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