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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip to Savers! A bunch of things get a spray paint makeover.

Last Monday, I went to Savers. I always try to go on Monday, because they have tags of a certain color for $1 and another color is half off. Sometimes, I don't find much, but this week I hit the motherload. It helps that with my plan for my living room in mind, I have a good idea of what I will actually use.

For 38 bucks, I got the following:
3 Glass Jars ($1.99, $1.99 and $.99)
1 Pair of Sunday Shoes for Aubriana ($2.49)
1 Pair of New Pajamas for Aubriana ($4.99, I'm pretty sure they've never been worn)
1 Shirt to upcycle ($.99)
2 Ceramic Candle Holders
1 Photo Tree
3 Iron Candlesticks
1 Bowl
1 Metal Basket
1 Green Glass Bottle ($1.50)
1 Flower Candle Holder
1 Twirly Candlestick
1 Leaf Tray
1 Kitchen Organizer Tray (got left in the car while I took the picture)
1 Bag of Toys (not pictured) with 5 My Little Ponies, 2 Madagascar Penguins and 2 Motorcycles, purchased as a bribe for my kids to be good ($2.99)

Isn't this picture tree (I'm guess that's what it's called) so cool! I can't decide if I want to do seasonal decorations on each clip, or photos, or put my most used recipes on cards and keep it in my kitchen, or just keep it around for it's sculptural quality. It was $2.99 and I didn't do a thing to it.

I got this kitchen organizer for $1.50. I think I'm going to change it into a message center for my kitchen.

A favorite find. These candle holders were $2.99 each, but they are just beautiful. They are probably 6" across. This is pre-cleaning, but they scrubbed up nicely. There was one little chip on the one of the petals, but it's not at all noticeable. I was really tempted to paint them blue, but they are staying white for now.

This cute little piggy was $1. I have something in mind for him, but you're going to have to wait until I can get a tutorial up for it.
These three candlesticks were a buck a piece. A little spray paint later to refresh them, and they look like this:
Not that different in the photographs, but in person, it makes a big difference. They had rust spots in places and just looked worn and tired. Now they are pretty gunmetal grey.

Wire basket was $1, and was an ugly brass color, plus the frame was sagging on the back corner there. A tiny bit of super glue and a coat of paint later (the same gunmetal as the candlesticks), and I have a charming basket. I think this one is headed for the bathroom:
Another dollar purchase. This one wasn't too bad, but it didn't fit in with my kitchen vision (yes, I have developed one of those now too). A coat of chrome and it's looking a lot more cheerful:

This bowl looks so dated with the brass finish, but it was only a dollar (what can I say, I went as soon as they opened and I was great at spotting those green tags). It looks so good as a blue bowl:
So good that I'm showing it off with two pictures. Such a pretty shape!
I loved the idea of this leaf tray, but I think I'm going to put it up on the wall as art. It had some rust spots too, so it got a coat of the gunmetal too. A steal, as this was another dollar item.
This is one I could have left alone, but I was too spray paint happy at this point, and now it matches the other candlesticks. My mom saw it as I brought it in and she was all like, I want this one, and I was like, back off, it's mine. And she was all like, how much did you pay for it? And I was like, a dollar, and back off, or it's coming towards your head.
I've never really used spray paint before. Spray paint and I, we are friends now.

The whole collection after paint (minus the things I've still got plans for):

I also cleaned up the glass jars and put my ribbons and flower in them. I'm getting there. I did buy some gallon sized jars from Walmart and Target, because I knew probably couldn't find them at the thrift store.

My collection is growing!

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  1. Cool! Just regular spray paint?

  2. I used Rust-Oleum indoor/outdoor paint for the most part. I was really happy with it. :)

  3. Sandra A11:23 AM

    Thanks for the great inspiration! I think I already have some things that could use some spray paint to freshen them up. Rust-Oleum, you're about to get another friend.

  4. Kara that has been me all week with a spray paint can in hand! My husband is starting to get concerned what I will do next LOL!~ I really love the blue bowl!~

  5. You've inspired me to check out the local Goodwill....soon!

  6. Stopping over from Domestically Speaking.....definitely love the gunmetal and chrome paint colors, will need to use those soon for some of my Goodwill finds.

  7. I always love to see how some bargain pieces are instantly transformed with paint. Thanks for sharing with us a the POPP.

  8. Love the jars! Your collection is coming along nicely!


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