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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blast from the Past Saturday

Every Saturday, I post a previous post, usually from about a year ago (although I might go back further if I feel like it). Enjoy!

In honor of Aubrey's third birthday today (my last baby is three! I cannot believe it), I'm posting her first birthday party photos. The cake is still pretty awesome. I'm trying not to cry over here. Does anyone have a tissue? Crying is a common theme with me when thinking about my kids growing up. I don't actually cry, but I always feel like I want to.

Bah, why do they have to get big anyway? Although there are advantages. . .

From May 29, 2008:
Aubrey's First Birthday

We had Aubriana's birthday party yesterday. I'm trying not to cry that she is one today. It just doesn't seem possible that my last baby is growing up so quickly. She is pretty cute though, so I guess I'll keep her even though she is growing up.

After searching the web high and low for the perfect cake, I decided to go with a ladybug theme. It just seemed to fit Aubrey. I hobbled a bunch of ideas together and then added my own touches.

She loved her cake. She was so excited the first time I showed it to her, pointing and cooing and reaching for it. She's getting expressive with everything and babbling all the time, in addition to saying words and sometimes sentences. "What's that?" accompanied with a pointed finger was a favorite for a while recently.

David helped her blow out her candle. She makes the funniest faces. She loved us singing Happy Birthday and even started dancing with the music.

After that, she got very messy with eating her cake. For a while when we put the ladybug on her tray, she just touched it softly and cooed at it. David had to help her by breaking the ladybug's head off. Then she tried to put the whole thing into her mouth. The funniest was watching her grab a fist full of ice cream and holding on to it while shivering and making faces from the cold. Grandma gave her a fork at the end. She thought that was pretty cool.
Then it was time to open presents, after a quick bath in Grandma's sink. She thought the presents were pretty cool. She got some shorts and a shirt, an animal puzzle (right now, Old MacDonald Had a Farm is her favorite song), a baby doll, one of those donut baby towers (I have no idea of the proper name of that toy, despite it being a classic, and from the Blairs, a CareBear, which she adores. See pics below. Maddy really liked the bear too. She tried to tell me that Aubriana didn't like it so she should have it. :)

It was a great party.
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