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Monday, May 10, 2010

I think I'll have a hamburger because. . .

Moving is hard work.

At this point, I'm sure all of you are like, "Duh, we knew that."

So did I. It's a different thing to experience it all over again.

It's hard when you need things you don't have in order to have a prayer of putting things away. Remember all my fabulous finds at Savers, in this post and this post? I'm trying hard to find a home for them all of them. I know eventually I will have the shelves and console tables and the bookcases I need.

I've never moved and also tried to decorate. In our last place, we never really even got to hanging up pictures, since once the furniture was moved in, there wasn't much wall space left. Not with this house. There is so much potential and I'm impatient to have it realized, at least in the living room and kitchen.

We had a party at our house for David's birthday and it was pretty cool. You know, except for the fact that there's no furniture in our living room.

Miles also rubbed toothpaste on my downstairs couch while we were all distracted. Not that I really mind. After all, I'm pretty sure that someone saw Miles coming and decided to invent that fabulous stuff in order to preserve most of the sanity left in humanity.

I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Anyway, all that is to basically say, enjoy these pictures of Aubrey looking all ragtag while I work to get more things to show you! Love how her hair is sticking straight out.

Also, this photo shows perfectly her eye color. Natalie (check out her blog at will be amazed!) and I were trying to decide what color they are. I guess the all encompassing one is hazel, but otherwise, I would have to say green-grey-bluish brownish. What do you all think?
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