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Friday, July 09, 2010

Project Progress: Kitchen Update Week 8

This week, on Monday, my husband reminds me that his parents are going to be in town. We've been seriously spoiled in seeing them so much lately. They are two people I greatly admire, and I look up to them in so many ways.

So, I was all like, cool, can't wait to see them. The kids will be excited.

Then he starts wondering how the shade will be in our backyard at that time of day.

And I'm all like, Woah, buddy, back up. Because I missed something.

My husband comes from a family of eight. He's the 7th. Three of his older brothers live in Utah, and one even lives in our town. So, normally, family parties have been held at his brothers' houses, because there are a lot of family members, and we didn't use to have the square feet to handle more than two or three extra people. So, when he said they were going to be in town, I didn't think that meant, in town in our town, more specifically in our house.

Because, while I'm thrilled to show them our new house, my craft room looked like a bomb squad arrived too late to save a Micheal's. Craft crap was everywhere. Movement from one side of the room to other involved risking life and limb, and doing a complicated dance step, and a little butt wiggling. The butt wiggling is for fun.

When I was cleaning it, I misjudged a step and ended up stuck, with one foot in a box of fabric and nearly doing the splits, and calling for my mommy. She was there helping me clean, and she came and rescued me. I don't normally call for my mommy when in peril. I normally call for which ever flesh and blood person is closest to the peril. 

And that's just one room. I've made a lot of progress in our house, it's certainly livable, but there was a long list of things I would want to do before showing it off. Got a lot of them done, some will have to wait.

Don't you always love a good kick in the pants to get your house cleaned?

One of those things I got done was my kitchen gallery art.

I added some vinyl swirls.

And made the rest of the art and got it printed.

Just in time for the party on Wednesday.

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  1. I'm in LOVE with your frame wall. Super job! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You asked about cutting my metal star ornament in half. I used wire cutters to cut the edges and it easily disconnected. :)

    I'm off to look around your blog!

  2. Ha ha! I love the bomb squad description! My craft area, which is deep in sewing projects right now, with paper crafts along the edges, looks more like the bomb squad arrived too late to save JoAnn's.

    Your gallery looks delightful.

  3. Nothing like a party to get your butt in gear! Looks great!

  4. Love the vinyl swirls. How did you even think of that? They fill in the gaps great and add a less angular dimension. Nice!

  5. Your wall looks great. I'm loving all of the colors. The silhouette profiles of your kids are my favorite, that's such a good idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I've been dying to see the finished wall and its Fantastic. I love it. great job :)

  7. Wow, all I can say is....Love it!
    Thank you for posting!

  8. Oh! Its a very good place!


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