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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blast from the Past Saturday

When we went to Lagoon a few Saturdays ago with the kids we dressed all the kids in bright orange, and the boys in the exact same shirts. We got a lot of looks. We used to get people asking us if Xander and Maxton were twins all the time. I think they just assume now. Now, Griffin is getting tall enough that they might be assuming that they are triplets, which makes me laugh. When David was standing in line for the log flume with the boys, he overheard someone saying, "Just wait until they are all 18."

From left to right,
Aubriana, 3
Xander, 7
Griffin, 4
Maxton, 6

For comparison sake, I took this picture today. Aubrey of course could not be left out of the action. They will probably end up reverse birth order heights, with Xander being the shortest (short being a relative term in our family, height predictions for him put him at about 6'), and Griffin the tallest (he might make it as tall as 6'7"). At 5'9", I will probably end up the shortest, with Aubrey eventually passing me up.

That's just wrong.

From July 25, 2006

He's Catching Up

I took this photo of Maxton and Xander the other day after they went swimming. It totally cracks me up. They are built so differently, and they are both so stinkin' cute. Maxton now weighs more than Xander! Well, you can see where he keeps it! He has such a big belly and such a little bum that it's a wonder his pants stay up at all! Xander has the same problem, but for the opposite reason. He's so skinny everywhere they that won't stay up. Griffin is built like a beanpole, just like his oldest brother. I love looking at the similarities and differences in my kids. It's amazing to think they all came from the same two people.

Almost everytime we go out as a family, people ask if Max and Xander are twins. I can understand it. Max is pretty big for his age and Xander is about average. But it does get a little old to explain every time that they are 14.5 months apart. So, I told David I'm just going to start saying yes. Much simplier that way. Except that I can't make myself do it. I still go through the whole explaination! Posted by Picasa
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  1. whatever the differences or similarities all of them got your sunshine smile :).

  2. I understand those questions. My girls are four years apart, but only 3-4 inches difference in height. Since they also look alike it is assumed that they are twins or close in age. The big problem we have is that the younger one is going into kindergarten this year and people assume she is going into second or third grade and should act older than she actually is.

  3. Kara, first off, your kids are so cute! :) and I agree with Jennifer, my oldest two are the same, even now at 12 and 10 and a half, most people think they are twins. The poor downfall is my son (the younger one) has always been assumed to be older and people expect a lot more off him, thinking he's 12 when hes only 10!

  4. I think all of your kids are sooo dang cute ... and while similar soooooo distinctly different.

    You really have incredibly adorable AND interesting children!

  5. My boys are 11 months apart and were often confused as twins when they were younger, I guess the double pram implies that. And they look nothing alike, my eldest was small and fair with glasses, and his younger brother tubby (read rolls of fat!) as with a head of auburn hair. And now there tall and thin, bestest of friends. All good.

  6. Forgot to say your brood is gorgeous as!

  7. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Beautiful Blogger Award because I think that you have a great blog.

    Have a great day!
    My Delicious Ambiguity


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