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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knitting Isn't Just for Grannies--Speech

I'm sorta nervous to post this.

Weird, I know. I basically put myself out here on my blog all the time. I mean, I talk about my toenails and the fact that I've been diagnosed bipolar II and all of that, yet posting this school assignment is giving me butterflies.

Perhaps it's because I talk about the blog in it? So, it's like a blog/speech time continuum loop. I'm pretty proud of the blog and I love interacting with my lovely readers. It's a privilege to know you--it means so much to me to get to know some of you. I love my little piece of the crafting world. It's brought me some of my best friends.

Anyway, here's my first speech from my public speaking class. I got 39/40 on it. It's far from perfect, but I'm still pretty proud of it. Also, I'm a goof ball. And I'm a nerd. Just so there isn't any confusion. Oh, and I totally left it out, but the Craft Yarn Council found in 2004 that 36% of women in the US know how to knit. How awesome is that! Somehow I forgot to say that and I was not about to record the whole thing again.

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  1. Very informative-great job! :)

  2. I think you NAILED it! Well done! A super first 'attempt', I put the word 'attempt' in bracket because it is far 'attempt' that I would describe it. Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back once in a while. You are juggling a lot of balls in the air and you don't drop them. Good for you!

  3. Great speech! I watched and listened to the whole thing. Very empowering and inspiring!

  4. I liked it, especially when you put the photos in that related to your speech. I kept wondering how you kept the kids quiet, maybe they were locked downstairs or outside, lol, but most likely they were out of the house, right?

  5. Clarice, I think they were in bed. Or maybe watching a movie. It all blurs together. I did a few takes, and Aubrey wandered up during one of them, so there is one version with her head popping into the frame. I deemed that a practice run.

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Kara, wonderful speech. I am doing some research to create a speech about knitting also.... for a speech class. Yours is inspirational. Thanks


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