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Friday, October 08, 2010

Project Progress: Hexagon Quilt

I miss summer. I had so much time during the summer. Oooooodles and oooodles of time! Now it's all gone. Xander's birthday was last week and he's getting baptized on Saturday and Griffin's birthday is next week, so you can see what I mean.

I've been recording my first speech this week for my college class. I finished yesterday and I'm going to post it to the blog next week. Then you can see how, um, silly I am. In person. Or rather, on video. It was really hard to stop doing takes (I did two non-filmed practices, two filmed and very kid-interrupted filmed takes and one final take). I could have probably done 20 takes and still not have been happy.

Still, last weekend I found some time to work on hexagons. I made a lot of hexagons. I figured out I'll probably need around 475, or maybe more. Depending on how distracted I am and how long I've been doing them (the more I do in a row the faster I get), they take me between 4-8 minutes to do. So, let's say 6 minutes on average. That's 47.6 hours on hexagons. Roughly. I'm just happy I don't have to put it all in as one long work week. It's a nice break from school.

So, here's the stack I got done this week. Aren't they so pretty?There are about 150 hexagons in these stacks. I can't wait to sew them into my top!

I'm thinking that if I get my coursework done quickly today that I might start a dress. Maybe. I found some of the feet for my Bernina at my mom's house! Not the regular 1/4" foot (I believe that has disappeared into the dark abyss and joined that planet floating out in space somewhere made up entirely of mother's objects lost by their children), but one that I think will work for most regular sewing. At least one that will work until I buy a new one!
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