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Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick Or Treat Bags

Posting again today!

I pulled out the kids' trick or treat bags and remembered that I never shared them last year. I was literally sewing them minutes before we were due out the door.

They came out a lot larger than I was picturing in my head. I was really worried they would be too small and it would be hard for people to get treats into the bags and I overestimated the seam allowances. So I kept adding inches. Then I got the first one sewed and realize it was huge, but I didn't want them to end up different sized and incite a riot.

At least they will last until the kids are too old for trick or treating. No pillow cases for my kids. Well, pillow cases are cool, so maybe they will abandon them at some point.

When we got them out today, Griffin was ticked that his was candy corn. He wanted something hard core like spider webs or skulls. Candy corn is sooooo baby. Tough cookies, darling. I have no (working) sewing machine, no fabric and no time to sew him a new one, so he could be happy about candy corn or have no bag (by the way, he picked out the fabric last year). He seems to have made peace with it, as he was just pretending to be the "Candy Corn Power Ranger" a minute ago.
The names I printed out--the font is Century Gothic (funny considering my video I posted today--really, I love that font), and then I traced it onto the fabric and embroidered it by hand, adding the little x's for the dots on the i's.

David picked out the zebra fabric. I'm telling you, the mad has an obsession with zebra print. You can see how I used the leftovers in this skirt here.
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