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Friday, November 05, 2010

Super Hero Halloween

We had a very fun Halloween, and no one was puking this year! I love it when people don't puke! Last year, Xander was so sick he couldn't move and he missed the Halloween party and trick or treating. We had quite the exciting Halloween. I meant to post earlier this week, but now you are going to get two posts in one day again. Our church did a trunk or treat in the parking lot at 5:00, and there was a front coming in, but it didn't look too bad. All of a sudden there was a blot of lightening, the wind was blowing leaves everywhere, children were screaming, and it starts HAILING. Parents are picking up their children and running for it. I've never seen someplace empty so fast in my life.

I will never believe action movies anymore. When there is a danger, people move and then they are gone. I never much believed that they hung around, mouths open and agog, waiting to be eaten or stepped on, but now I really won't believe it. And I can feel all superior, because even in a white wig and five inch heels, I grabbed Aubrey and ran for it! Although, I was Storm from the X-men, and someone yelled at me as the front was coming in, "Storm, what are you doing?" Yeah, something must have been off about my powers right then. I smacked my head a few times, but they didn't come back online in time to save trunk or treat.

Aubrey was not happy about the hail hitting her in the face and kept saying, "I don't like it when it rains ice cubes."

Oh, and then when we got home a few minutes later, the drain outside our house was clogged, and we got a lot of rain in a very short time, so we had a lake in front of our house and up one third our lawn on Halloween night. So, we don't have a garden rake (seriously, we are new homeowners, give us a break), so we called the dispatch line to ask if there was someone we could call to have them come unclog the drain. A very nice officer came out with a rake and unclogged the drain. The kids and I watched and ate candy. David went outside to talk to him. Then there was the most beautiful double rainbow I've ever seen.

We went up to my mom's and did a little more trick or treating with the kids, because we had beautiful weather by then. And then David and I put the kids to bed at her house, and went to Olive Garden and a movie in our costumes.

And since I just basically wrote a whole Halloween post, I guess I might as well show you what David and I would have looked like on our date. David gets into the whole Halloween thing. So, he was Wolverine from X-men, and I was Storm. He did the whole Origins thing, with the street clothes and claws--and yes, that is all his hair and facial hair. He made the claws himself out of wood, dowels and spray paint. I did the more X-men uniform thing. I could alternately say I was Lady Gaga (and I've lost 30 pounds in the last year--crazy, eh?).

Unless I do this to my eyes in Photoshop, then I think it's pretty clear who I am.

Xander was Ironman, Maxton was Cyclops, Griffin was Spiderman and Aubrey was a penguin. We tried to get her to be Pixie, a character from the X-men comics, and she loved the idea (she had pink butterfly wings and pink hair), right up until she had to put on the costume every time. Then she would fight us about everything. I have no idea what was up with that. So we pulled out the costume box and she picked a penguin costume, which she loved wearing.

I'm so bad, I didn't get pictures of all of them yet (one year I didn't pictures of them in their costumes until December), but here's Maxton as Cyclops. David and Max made his visor together, and I think he looks awesome!
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  1. incredible costumes! wow, all of you look amazing! i love the x-men.

  2. You all look terrific, and congrats on the weight loss! Too cute about the ice cubes.

  3. wow, all of you look amazing! i


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