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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crochet Cuff in Broomstick Stitch

Back when I made this cowl, I also made a cuff as a gift for another friend. And yes, I'm just now getting to posting it. I'm way behind on posting things. I'm crossing my fingers so hard that I'm getting muscle cramps that I will get my new camera this month, and then I will probably run around my house looking for new subjects, so that will probably get a lot of the projects that need to be photographed, photographed, and up the likelihood of them ending up here for your viewing pleasure. But, I'm attempting to go to school full-time this semester, so who knows. My goal is to post twice a week though. I give you permission to start nagging me if I don't.

Anyway, here's the cuff. I seriously need to make one for me, because it turned out darling! I used this pattern found on Raverly and used this video to figure out how to do the stitch.

I tend to crochet with a very tight tension, so I ended up using a paint stirrer stick to wrap my yarn around instead of a knitting needle, but part of that was the weight of yarn I used (worsted). It worked up pretty quickly, particularly with this size.

Crud. Now I want to crochet instead of doing my assignments. Thanks, Internet, you big ole distraction.
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  1. That turned out awesome! I love ravelry..I habe been addicted lately!

  2. rad! No wait, radder than rad!

  3. I want one (giggle) How are you sweetie?


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