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Friday, January 28, 2011

Smooch Review--Northridge Publishing Video

Hi everyone! A couple of awesome things coming your way.

First of all, I'm finally getting a new camera (yeah, feels like forever to me, I'm pretty sure I have at least two new gray hairs since my camera broke), it should be here very, very soon, so hopefully, new pictures galore will be flooding the blog soonish! You might get sick of all the pictures I'm going to take.

Secondly, my sister started a food blog and it's awesome. I helped her think of the name, so you definitely want to go check it out. I can personally vouch for her cooking. I generally go over to her house, go straight to the kitchen table, sit down in a chair, pick up a knife and fork, look up at her with my big brown eyes and say, "Feed me." AND IT'S ALWAYS DELICIOUS. So, run to the The Generous Teaspoon.

Lastly, I realized that I had not yet shared this video of me visiting Northridge Publishing studios and Kristine McKay. I'm reviewing Clearsnap Smooch, which I was great to work with! Once I get the camera, I will get some shots of my projects up on the blog.

By the way, I did emphasize its greatness for detail work, but you can tilt it to the side and get larger areas. I feel a little bit bad for not mentioning it, because someone in the YouTube comments got the impression it was only good for small areas and that's not really the case.
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