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Monday, February 21, 2011

Light Fixture Time!

Next step in the bedroom makeover was replacing the light fixture. When we moved in, we had a fan over the bed. I'm not a fan of fans in general. I don't like wind on my face. I won't even drive with the window down. David, on the other hand, loves fans. Last summer, we tried sleeping with the overhead fan on a few times. It dried out my eyes. Did not like. So, we agreed that if he wants a fan, he can use the box fan on his side of the bed, and I can keep moisturized eyes. That means the outdated fan could go!

This is the before:
We found this light fixture on Amazon for $64. Which was a steal! When it got here, I was impressed. It looks more high-end than I expected from the photo. The only thing I don't love is the plastic light box part on the underside. I will probably end up covering that with fabric soon, but it doesn't look so bad.

I love the slightly retro look and the modern flair. The brushed nickel finish is perfect with the gray walls and the clean lines make me happy. It's a lot less intrusive than the fan and it opens up the room. It gives off some major, bright light too.

And, David bought me these potted tulips for Valentine's Day and I've been enjoying the pop of color in the room. They make me anxious to accessorize!

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