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Friday, February 11, 2011

One Window with Curtains!

Woah. One window in my house now has curtains. Actually, it's had curtains for a little bit now, but I did not have the means to show you said curtains. I can probably stop telling you that now, but somehow it seems dishonest to leave it out.

Anyway, we had quite the drama with the curtains. We bought the fabric online and the place that sold it sold it by the half yard. I have never yet encountered such a thing. So, we bought only half the amount we needed for the two windows in our bedroom. I had just enough to do one window, if I added a black stripe to the bottom. I think I like it, although I wish they were three inches longer. I may do something about that still.

For now, I'm loving that I have a window covering and I adore this fabric, which is Waverly Small Talk Blackbird. Heart! Heart! I picked out my color scheme and painted before I picked up this fabric and it coordinates perfectly. Amazing.

A close up, with some folds due to the fact that it is hanging on my window:

These actually whipped up much more quickly than I had thought they would. I wanted to figure out a way to do cheap curtains, but after searching everywhere, I figured out that I could get what I wanted and spend a little more, or get what I didn't want and spend about the same, or I could get what I really didn't want and spent a lot less. I'm scared to add it up though, what with my paying waaaayyy more for the fabric than I needed to pay.

Here they are open:

I have a serious wire problem in my bedroom. That wire is the TV cable. We need to tuck it under the baseboard or something. We have wires all over the bedroom that need some attention.

And closed:

To jog your memory, I painted some leaves on one wall and made over my bedside table. This room is slowly coming together. I bought a new light fixture which I will show you soon. Now to buy more fabric for the other window and make the curtains.
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  1. Gorgeous! I'd probably lengthen them a little too but not sure with what.

  2. I love those curtains!! I love all things yellow so the yellow and black is beautiful to me. Very pretty!

  3. Ack! I've had my eye on that exact same fabric for the two small windows in our family room - I love LOVE love it! Just a thought... instead of lengthening the curtains, why don't you move the rod down an inch or two? Just an idea. Anywho, love your fabric choice. :) AND love the fact that I can sort of envision how the curtains will look in my house now. Thank you!

  4. Anonymous12:19 AM

    You did a wonderful job on your curtains! I love your choice of fabric and also your painted leaf wall!


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