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Friday, April 15, 2011

I feel like I am living a lie (that was really dramatic).

It's past due to update my photo.

See, I used to look like this (last summer):

But, I cut my hair a few months ago, and I've been running around looking like this ever since.

When I come onto the blog, I feel all weird, like I am deceiving you with my long hair. I guess that means I am scrupulously honest. That or a huge drama queen? Isn't there a Lady Gaga song to that effect, "Don't be a drama, just be a queen"? Just kidding, I know it's "Don't be a hag, just be a queen."

Funny story about why I cut my hair. I started loosing it in handfuls. That sounded funnier in my head. Not spotty, just all over my head. It was nearly the longest it's ever been, so it was quite interesting when it started falling out at an accelerated rate. I lost a 1/3 to 1/2 of my hair over about three months--I could wrap my pony tail holders around two more times than I could before. So, rather than continuing to freak out about it, I decided to go with a pixie cut--which I totally love, by the way. It's so easy and I feel adorable.

My dermatologist and I have been trying to figure out why I lost it. The most likely thing is stress! Which didn't make sense to me! I am such a calm, relaxed, easy-going person! Stress and me in the same sentence? Hahaha. ha. I'm laughing in confusion.

By the way, I got my grades for last term yesterday. An A in each class. I happen to know that three of the four A's came in at 99%. David keeps trying to convince that I can get B's, but I don't believe him. Perfectionist here.

Anyway, I'll leave you with some photos of David and I together. I had my sister take these so I can put one on my photo ledge. I'm very excited! I think I'm going to take the summer off school (even though I only have 13 credits left to finish, which makes me want to go sign up for all them RIGHT NOW and start writing papers). If I take the summer off, I might be able to grow some of my hair back (sweet!) and I probably will be doing more projects around the house (also very saccharine!).

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  1. Nice! Makes you look all modelly!!


  2. Honestly, you are the kind of person that would look just as beautiful with no hair at all. You have such a great face and neck...fabulous features!
    Go you! :) Wish I could get away with such an adorable haircut!!

  3. Oh my gosh!! You look so different!! It looks great!!!! I think the perfectionist and getting all A's could account for the hair loss. :) Kudos to you on the EXCELLENT grades!!! Way to go!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your pixie haircut. It is actually a dream of mine to have that hairstyle (my hair is very long), but I've always been too afraid. My best friend is undergoing chemo and I've been contemplating a super short cut to show my support (she also has super long hair, but it's about to be gone), but I just don't know if I have the courage. If only I looked at cute as you do with that adorable hair, the decision would be so much easier!

  5. You are such a cutie Kara any way you have your hair (and I love the pixie cut so much!). The pictures of you and David are great also:)

  6. Oh my word cute haircut! I would never have the guts to pull that off, but it looks adorable on you!

  7. LOVE the new hair cut, but you look beautiful either way :)

  8. wow you are gorgeous! I LOVE how you look with your short cut. Not many woman can pull it off and still look dang sexy.. but you do. :) Idk if I would ever be brave enough to do it.. even though I lose a lot of hair as well (but Im sure its just normal loss for me)

  9. wow it makes you look so much fresher and younger...good choice to go with the crop...

  10. Not many people can wear that haircut and look as adorable as you do! I love it!

  11. Wow !! you look great !!!!!

  12. Love your hairstyle. In my (much) younger days I used to have mine like that too and loved it. I came by to say a huge 'thank you' for your wonderful free downloads. I've just discovered your blog and have already downloaded a lot of them and will be back for more. You are so very kind to share them like this.
    Tilly (in New Zealand)

  13. Love the new hair cut!! Jealous, even!
    I think you should take all your classes in the summer except one. Save it for fall term and enjoy the holiday season relatively homework free with a diploma for your stocking!

  14. Your hair seriously rocks! I wish I was brave enough to try something like that. You look so good!

  15. Anonymous10:16 PM

    You are so Beautiful...


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