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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Knocked Through a Wall--Which Option Should I use to Fix It?

So, when we moved in, there was this little shelf in place:

When we were touring the house with the inspector, I was like "What's this weird hole/shelf here for?" And he was all like, "There used to be these types of phones that you had to plug into the wall. . ." I liked our inspector. He was sarcastic. I might have told that story before on the blog. It's a good story.

Anyway, it existed to set the phone on. Because there was only one phone jack and it was in the living room. That wall is between the kitchen and the living room.

But, it really annoyed me. It's not at eye level. Unless you are between the ages of five and eight. Considering that only three of the six people in our house qualify, I felt it needed to go.

(Also, woah, my kitchen has changed a lot since then!)

Rather than knock it out and fix the drywall, I thought--why not make this hole bigger? So, David and I worked on that.

And we got to this point. It hasn't changed in a while. Because we can't decide if this should have shelves or not have shelves, and if it has shelves what they should look like.

So, I used the magic of Photoshop to approximate what shelves would look like in different configurations.

Option 1 is two high shelves that are even near the top.

Option 2 is three shelves which divide up the space into five parts.

Option 3 is two shelves, one near the top and one near the bottom.

These shelves are the width of the wall, so I'm not actually planning on putting anything on them. Unless I do option 1. I've toyed with the idea of two identical fake plants in that scenario.

So, thoughts? Which one do you like the best? Or, should I just leave the openings plain?
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  1. I agree I like two the best if you're not putting anything on them. Though I have to say it seems a little strange to have "shelves" and not put anything on them. Then is it just like a beam through a window?... so maybe nothing? lol I know, not very helpful.

  2. I think it would be fun to put stuff on them. Why don't you want to? I think #2 is the most pleasing to the eye. :) But, if you don't want to put things in there and you want to have it so you can see through better, I would go with #1 and the little fake plants.

  3. option 2 or nothing. whatever you go with I would go with floating glass shelves also-that way, especially if you are not going to set anything on them and weight is not an issue, they break up the space but are not too intrusive when you are looking through it. I do think you could put some cute things on the shelf though-even if they are only 4 inches wide :-)

    maybe if you go with the floating glass shelves you could finish it out and then add the shelves later if you desire?

  4. 2! Looks great!! You could also maybe put in some wrought iron in a couple of the spaces or something? Or if you made 6 openings, and did some sort of thing in ever other panel?...Er excuse my drawing skills... lol
    __ __

  5. I dislike option 1 the most and like option 3 the most. I think a large clear hurricane with cool seasonal bobbles (christmas tree bulbs, pine cones, marbles, spools of ribbon, etc) would be super cool and colorful on those shelves. :D

  6. i like option 1 the best. I'm all about symmetry in architecture. Drives my husband nuts especially when it means extra cabinets for him to install when doing our kitchen, LOL!

  7. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I actually showed this to my husband to see what he'd say and we both liked option 1! We thought that having the larger open space on the bottom made the most sense. Pick option 1!!!

  8. If you aren't going to actually put anything on them since they aren't real shelves, then how about making it look like a window? So, one through the middle or 2 equal distance from the top and bottom. Otherwise, I like #2 the best.

  9. Two is most pleasing to my eye! (Though I do like that One gives you a better look through...)

  10. I would go with #2 but I would decorate them for the holidays at least. And then you could leave them bare the rest of the year if you wanted.

  11. I like 1 the best, 3 next, and don't care for 2. 2 feels the least open and the most messy. (not that it's messy...)
    I would suggest option 1 with the shelves lowered an inch or two. That design is the most pleasing to my eye.
    MAYBE... you should measure the height of the openings and put the shelf at 1/5th exactly... if that doesn't look good try 1/4th. They eye can spot ratios even when you don't realize.


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