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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UFO, I'm coming for you.

Over the past three weeks, I've been working on my unfinished objects. I'm killing them off, one by one. 13 out of 41 are done (although I don't thing everything in my unfinished box is on that list--I may need to do a little revising--still it's close enough).

Some of them have turned out cute. Some of them, not as cute. But, the most important part of this process is that they are done and I can either give them away (even if it's to the thrift store) or start using them or realizing that I'm not going to use them. Such is the way of the things I make. I'm pretty sure that Aubrey does not like the dress I finished for her.

Anyway, here's the list as it looks so far.

Spray paint frames
Tree tote bag
Pettycoat skirt
Yellow rosette pillow
Patches on jeans
Long blue tank refashion
Box purse
Let out Citrus halter
Sew pom pom on poncho
Crochet tan bag
Blue and brown crochet hoodie
White floaty scarf

Pink shirt refashion
Wrap around vest refashion
Crochet fingerless gloves
Repair pink and grey hair flower
Hexagon quilt
Thanksgiving wall hanging
Rehang crochet butterfly in kitchen
Garden quilt
Grandkid silhouettes
Gold sweater
Yellow flower/pink flower/pink felted flower/purple headband/pink cuff
Green knitted buckets
Painted linen skirt
Blue serving stand
Braided rug
Mom's messenger bag
Santa Claus wall hanging
Repair grey and pink hair flower
Grandma Jensen quilt--blues and purples
Crochet beaded bag
Butterfly embroidery
Wool scarf
Cross stitch Noah's Ark
Blue and Pink diamond quilt
Orange and green diamond quilt
Mom's Christmas present albums
Bag embroidery

Now to the good stuff. Pictures.

This project sort of makes me laugh. I had started crocheting a bag when Xander was a baby--about 8 years ago. All I had was a tan tube. So, I crocheted a bottom for it, then made a liner, then made a trim and the handles and put it all together. And then I realized it looked just like a rabbit. I thought I was making a cute tote for me, but I think I was making Aubrey an Easter bucket. It's totally cute, just didn't come together like the vision I had in my head.

Easter bucket, crocheted, then lined with fabric and straps added

I showed it to my husband. I didn't say anything and he said it looked like a rabbit too. If I felt like working on it more, I would put a face on it and make it official. But, I'm calling it done.

unfinished crochet striped hoodie

This project is not nearly as old. I started this crochet hoodie for Aubrey when she was about 18 months old. I was hoping that if I took off one of the sleeves it had on it and lengthened it a little that she would still be able to wear it. I finished making all the changes and it wouldn't go over her head. Whoops.

teal and brown striped crochet girls' sleeveless hoodie

She was ticked and demanded that I make her another one that fit right that instant. Yeah. Maybe later after I finish these other projects.

This next project was one I started in the car on our vacation. Not too long to go unfinished, but I had stopped working on it. I used three different knit shirts in different shades of yellow to make the rosettes. Then I recycled woman's knit top to make the white background to make the pillow cover.

handmade pillow with wrapped roses made of upcycled t-shirts

I made the insert myself out of some muslin I had lying around and the last of my polyfil stash. The nutso part of this? I had to hand sew the cover and the insert. What would have taken about 10 minutes tops on a sewing machine took me several hours and like three episodes of Bones. I had to wade through all sorts of gruesome death and destruction and David Boreanaz (only one of those things is truly pleasant) to get this thing sewn. The sacrifices I make for my crafts. I seriously need to get my sewing machine fixed already.

Ok, last project for today. This is purse box I started when I was pregnant with Griffin, about 6 years ago (seriously, what is my deal with hanging onto projects for years and years?). I mostly stopped this one because the holes on the beads weren't big enough to go on my handle. With a much larger choice of beads (I started beading a few years ago), I was able to get past this problem.

The box was already all the way painted. So, it was a matter of adding the beads to the handle, screwing in the hardware, doodling on the box and Mod Podging the inside and outside. Fairly simple, but I like it.

wooden box purse with hand-drawn doodled birds and beaded handle--cute pink and green!

wooden box purse with hand-drawn doodled birds and beaded handle--cute pink and green!

wooden box purse with hand-drawn doodled birds and beaded handle--cute pink and green!

wooden box purse with hand-drawn doodled birds and beaded handle--cute pink and green!

 I really need to tackle one of those quilts soon. Soon, quilt, we will meet.
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