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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unfinished Craft Project--Finished! 1 of One Hundred Thousand Six Hundred Three

I have organized my poor (it ends up being the junk dumping room, since we don't have a garage) craft room  so many times since we moved in a year ago.

This is what the closet looks like when it's organized (if the closet is put away, the rest of the room does ok). Which is never. Because to find anything, I have to take down all those stacked boxes. And you can guess how often then make it back up into a stack (hint: never).

craft closet

And it occurs to me that Flylady is right and that you can't organize clutter (or in my case, excessive amounts of craft crap). I tried to get rid of some of it, but my brain kept thinking up uses for it. Stupid brain.

Anyway, I pulled out all my unfinished projects. Every single one. Well, not counting scrapbook pages. I'm trying to motivate myself here. Not send myself to craft place-where-there-is-fire-and-brimstone-and-unfinished-scrapbook-pages-scream-at-you-all-day-inducing-high-levels-of-guilt. I don't mind the scrapbooking I haven't done--I never intended to scrapbook every photo I ever took. It's the scrapbook pages I've started and never finished that get to me. But that's another post for another day.

Anyway, I did manage to get rid of a few projects that I no longer wish to complete, but here is the list of projects I still want to complete. These are strictly projects I've started, not projects I want to start. That list is significantly longer. Some of these are biiiiiiig projects.

Spray paint frames (I'll show you these soon)
Tree tote bag (look below for pictures)
Pettycoat skirt (also coming soon!)
Ampersand (this was my last post)
White floaty scarf
Pink shirt refashion
Wrap around vest refashion
Crochet fingerless gloves
Repair pink and grey hair flower
Hexagon quilt (Somehow, I stopped working on this one)
Thanksgiving wall hanging
Rehang crochet butterfly in kitchen (See the butterfly almost the bottom left-hand corner? My kids keep knocking off the wall and breaking the glass--need to put acrylic in it or something)
Garden quilt
Grandkid silhouettes
Gold sweater
Yellow flower/pink flower/pink felted flower/purple headband/pink cuff
Yellow rosette pillow
Curtains (They need to be a tiny bit longer)
Green knitted buckets
Painted linen skirt
Braided rug (I got sidetracked on this project too)
Patches on jeans
Mom's messenger bag
Santa Claus wall hanging
Box purse
Grandma Jensen quilt--blues and purples
Crochet beaded bag
Let out Citrus halter (Aubrey never wore this much and it has some room to let it out--she could wear it as a top now)
Sew pom pom on poncho
Butterfly embroidery
Blue and brown hoodie
Wool scarf
Cross stitch Noah's Ark
Blue and Pink diamond quilt
Orange and green diamond quilt
Mom's Christmas present albums
Bag embroidery

Hummm, maybe it just seems much bigger in my mind? Because that list is looking quite do-able right now. I'm hoping I can have most of these done by the end of the summer. Maybe?

Crossed off items are ones I've already finished!

Speaking of finished, here's one I finished yesterday!

fall colored, ruched, handmade tote bag (also has link to basic tote tutorial)

Just a tote bag, but I never got around to sewing it together. It's been so long since I sewed a tote bag, I actually had to go back and look at my tutorial. I got it all sewn and then realized that I had twisted one of the handles--apparently, I was not following my own tutorial closely enough. I tried really hard to leave it alone and not to let it bug me. Didn't work.

fall colored, ruched, handmade tote bag (also has link to basic tote tutorial)

So, I cut off one side, turned under the end and sewed it back down. Then I sewed a button on it. Did the same to the other handle to make the handles match. You can't tell where I had to cut off one side of the handle and they were a bit long anyway, and I actually think it turned out to be a darling detail--I like that I only did one side of the handle. Sometimes mistakes turn out to have creative solutions that enhance the finished project.

I only wish I had know it was going to be so round. I would have rounded the corners at the bottom. Oh well, still turned out cute! Most importantly, it's done.
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  1. Maybe I shouldn't say that your list looks really long??? But it makes me feel better to see that you have such a list, as my list is equally long (if not longer) and growing!

    CUTE bag. I actually like how round it is :-)

  2. Haha, glad I'm not the only one with a bug UFO list!

  3. RebKnitz--You are supposed to say, "Eh, looks easy! You can totally do that list in like five minutes!" LOL. :) I love how round it is too. I just wish the bottom matched. Perfectionist!


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