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Friday, February 17, 2012

Grace Lace Beret

I knit this Grace Lace Beret to escape the deep, dark abyss I feel into when I graduated from college in December. The name of this abyss is "what in the heck am I going to do with this degree and therefore the rest of my life besides being a wife and mother which is awesome and all but not the whole sum of my existence because I'd really like to do things in addition to being a good wife and mother because most days kids make me want to eat my fingernails and bend my brain into itself except when they are being totally adorable and drawing cute pictures of flamingos (see exhibit A)?" This question is much too large, even for my newly enlarged, degreed brain. So, I quite naturally fell to knitting to ease my mind of such weighty questions. I knit a lot in January. A lot.

Aubrey's artwork
 Exhibit A (Courtesy of Aubrey)

I knit it twice. Because I am a contradiction. I hate figuring out gauge. I would rather guess. I know enough about the way I knit and crochet to know that I have a very tight gauge. So, I guess. Educatedly.

Gray Grace Lace Beret slouchy knit hat

I've always thought my incredibly tight gauge was due to my Type A personality. Gives a new meaning to the phrase "tightly wound" when considered in the context of yarn crafts. Ha ha. So, you'd think that someone as anal as I am would love the concept of gauge, but no. Because I insist on being quirky. And my Type A quirky personality thinks that gauge is a waste of time. It's largely inefficient when I can guess correctly most of the time. Or when my tension is so tight that I have to adjust the pattern anyway (my rows are rarely tall enough). However, my guess was none too good on this one. I ended up taking out some of the pattern repeats even on my second attempt.

Gray Grace Lace Beret slouchy knit hat

This pattern is the only one I can recall where my problem was the item turning out too large when I followed the pattern exactly. Even my 2nd attempt is a tiny bit too big, but I'm going to deal with it. If I make this hat again (which I totally would), it's going to be with much nicer yarn than this, so no way was I frogging it again. I'm too embarrassed to say what cheap-o yarn it is, but you can buy it at Walmart. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just turning into a yarn snob, and this yarn does not make my snobbery glands salivate. It makes them ashamed that they were caught in the yarn aisle at Walmart buy sub par yarn. Not that some of the yarn at Walmart isn't good. I shall stop now. Shopping at Walmart for yarn is certainly convenient. They have much longer hours than my local yarn shop.

I really like this hat. It's jaunty. I'd never considered jaunty as a look for myself, but I'm quite taken with it. It's very clever how the band goes into the lace pattern. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow too. Always a good thing.
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